Advantages of combining 360° & Panoramic Video Surveillance in the Banking Industry

Banking-BlogAdvantages of Combining 360° and Panoramic Video Surveillance in the Banking Industry 


Kostas Mellos, VP Sales Oncam North America 


As technology advances at an incredibly fast pace, financial institutions are provided with a multitude of opportunities for growth — but they're also faced with various new challenges and risks. Criminals around the world are undoubtedly becoming more sophisticated as they turn to new methods to bypass safety measures and steal hard-earned funds. 


It's clear that financial organizations must deploy a comprehensive security solution to ensure protection, and one that leverages both 360-degree and panoramic video technology can provide incredible value by allowing a unique way of capturing large or small areas completely free of blind spots. Whether it's at an ATM, cash counting rooms, public areas within bank branches or reception areas at corporate head offices, indoors or outdoors, a trustworthy, dependable and robust surveillance system is needed to keep clients, staff, assets and confidential information safe. 


So, what are the benefits of a combined 360 and 180-degree security solution within banking?  


Here are four key benefits for branch managers and security personnel: 


  1. Increased awareness. The makeup of the inside of a bank is typically thought of in two separate parts: the lobby and behind the desk. But with many moving pieces between the two, the ability to monitor both sides of the teller line simultaneously is crucial. By using camera technology such as the C-Series which provides both 360-degree and panoramic surveillance technology, operators are able to obtain a complete view of the facility. The 360-degree view provides crisp views of larger, highly important and sensitive areas, while the panoramic view provides extensive wide area coverage, perfect for enhanced views of areas such as entrances and to track individuals and movements. Combined, both views elevate the understanding of the entire scene as it unfolds, with the use of fewer cameras.  


  1. Enhanced response. While delivering a clear picture of a financial institution's daily traffic as well as after hours, management can stay alert of all activity taking place and immediately address any red flags or suspicious behavior. In high-security and mission-critical applications such as in a bank, an incident must be mitigated as soon as possible, and reliability cannot be taken for granted.  


  1. Interoperability. Through the ability of an open-platform surveillance solution to integrate with additional technology such as a video management system, financial organizations can achieve streamlined operations and simplified management of large-scale deployments. Banks can control all cameras and configure devices from a single platform, creating a robust yet cost-effective solution that meets evolving needs.With the use of Oncam’s Multi-Mode technology crisp, natural live views can be monitored by security personnel while simultaneously recording for retrospective investigation. Oncam’s Multi-Mode allows 4 different views to be streamed and recorded simultaneously, meaning that nothing will be missed, providing enhanced security capabilities in preventing criminal activity.  


  1. Customer service. The functionality of the video data gleaned from 360-degree surveillance cameras reaches far beyond simply security. A bank can observe trends, increased traffic and staffing levels, allowing managers to make impactful adjustments and improve customer satisfaction.  


Establishing a security posture is not just an option for a financial institution — it's a necessity to combat the very real and increasing threats facing the industry such as theft and fraud. Effectively safeguarding customers and assets starts with utilizing a combined 360-degree and panoramic surveillance system that elevates situational awareness and boosts efficiencies.