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The New Year is officially here, which commonly signifies a fresh start for many, as the flip of the calendar represents a clean slate for opportunities and growth. Along with this idea comes a trend that can help propel change and encourage positive habits: New Year’s resolutions.

Whether you’ve chosen to embrace them or stay away from the cliches, New Year’s resolutions are often beneficial when it comes to setting specific goals and keeping them in mind throughout the next few months. This concept certainly applies to the security industry, where it’s critical for manufacturers to set their sights on marks of achievement they hope to reach when it comes to helping end users meet their safety objectives.

For camera manufacturers in particular, 2020 brings numerous possibilities, as we can expect to see various intelligent technology trends impacting the industry. Today’s camera manufacturers should therefore consider these three New Year’s resolutions as the year begins to ramp up:

1. Adopt a renewed focus on technology innovation.

It’s true that most camera manufacturers are always leveraging innovation in their efforts, but a new year allows for a renewed and refreshed focus on creating the best possible video solutions for users.

We can expect to see advanced technology, such as more connected devices through the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), really take hold in 2020, providing camera manufacturers with truly revolutionary tools to build devices that go far beyond users’ expectations.

Additionally, 2020 will be the year of the mass rollout of 5G technology, creating advantages such as increased data transfer speed, high connectivity density for mass IoT and enhanced mobile capabilities, enabling manufacturers to help end users achieve their security and business goals in ways never thought possible.

2. Build relationships with trusted partners.

There’s no denying that the security market may seem a bit crowded at times, especially as manufacturers are wrapping up the year and planning ahead with the idea of differentiation in mind. One step toward achieving this feat is building strong relationships with valuable partners that share the common goal of delivering the best possible solutions to end users.

Collaboration will be the name of the game in 2020, as resilient partnerships allow manufacturers to push forward and identify themselves as companies that place relationship-building at their core. These partnerships are also advantageous when it comes to the first resolution on this list, as the convergence of brilliant minds and product developers can only lead to positive innovations and outcomes.

3. Take the customer-driven approach.

For camera manufacturers that may have strayed from this in 2019, the new year is a great time to get back to the roots of why we’re in this business. And the customer’s video goals are at the center of this reasoning.

2020 should consist of paying close attention to how the unique needs of customers differ based on various factors and determining the best way to help them implement their security strategies. For a camera manufacturer to deliver real value, they must take into consideration these elements first, rather than attempting to force an ordinary solution into an application where it doesn’t quite fit.

The new year ushers in plenty of potential for success for camera manufacturers, which can be more easily reached by setting these three New Year’s resolutions at the beginning and following them through until the end.

With video as the cornerstone of security, end users will be relying on us to design solutions that are innovative, interoperable and tailored to facilitate the ability to comprehensively monitor both typical and challenging applications for the ultimate level of protection.

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