Fisheye Cameras: an Integral Part of the Security Surveillance Ecosystem | Oncam

Abhishek 2Written by Abhishek Kumar,
Regional Director India at Oncam

Whether you refer to it as panoramic or omnidirectional, 360-degree images have quickly become the gold standard in the world of surveillance, providing an expansive view of an area and offering security operators the ability to take in the entire scene without compromising quality. Today, the 360-degree fisheye camera is an integral part of the surveillance ecosystem for wide-area coverage, with strategically placed traditional cameras at places like choke points.

Here are some ways that fisheye cameras benefit an overall surveillance ecosystem:

Expansive visibility

When designing the security posture of a space, it’s critical to think about the big picture. Beginning with the placement of 360-degree cameras is similar: taking the expansive view of an area to gain more situational awareness about any given situation. For example, in a shopping mall, 360-degree cameras can capture a large area to take in all aspects of a scene. When an incident occurs, 360-degree technology allows operators to zoom in on a single area of the image either live or retrospectively to identify more details about the scene.

Advanced intelligence

When combined with technology such as analytics or artificial intelligence (AI), 360-degree cameras give users unprecedented insights about their facilities. The user can automatically detect suspicious events based on predefined criteria and behavior analysis, as well as support decision-making with comprehensive, actionable information. Because the analytics are on the camera, this negates having to install additional hardware and software for running analytics.

Controlling Cost

Thanks to a wider field-of-view from 360-degree devices, fewer cameras and infrastructure are required to monitor a given area. Fewer cameras can not only help reduce upfront costs, but also keep maintenance expenses at a minimum over the life of the system.

Increased operational efficiency

Panoramic technology, coupled with advanced analytics software from a number of providers, can benefit end users by providing an overarching view of an entire facility, helping drive more situational awareness and pinpointing inefficiencies across business. This can result in more streamlined response and the ability for managers to address ongoing incidents that can limit an organization’s ability to serve customers well.

Taken together, the benefits of expansive visibility, advanced intelligence, cost savings and increased operational efficiency offer organizations more than traditional PTZ cameras singularly can. As part of a holistic approach to security, 360-degree cameras are integral and best placed to solve specific site issues.