Getting the Complete Picture on Retail Loss Prevention | Oncam

Video surveillance has long been a crucial tool for loss prevention; security cameras work as both a physical deterrent and investigative tool that can enhance overall security and ensure risk mitigation. But as internal and external crime has become more sophisticated and threats have evolved over the years, it’s become clear that retailers need more than just your typical surveillance system.

Panoramic surveillance has emerged as a valuable and cost-effective technique for retailers to obtain a clear and comprehensive picture of any given situation. 180- and 360-degree cameras facilitate significant coverage and monitoring capabilities, proving effective in heavily trafficked and critically important areas of a store, such as near the cash registers or fitting rooms.

But the ability of panoramic surveillance to eliminate blind spots also comes in handy in situations where retailers may not immediately recognize a risk is present. In spots that are not easily reached by traditional security cameras or those that are frequented less often, panoramic surveillance efficiently provides a complete view of all activity taking place at any time.

For example, one area of the store that often presents a high possibility of theft — frequently carried out internally — is the stock room. The sizes and layouts of stock rooms can create a challenge for observation, but panoramic surveillance allows security personnel to maximize video coverage. Additionally, loading docks represent another area of concern; panoramic cameras with 180-degree views enable LP personnel to achieve quality views and minimize loss.

And while this increased level of supervision bolsters a retailer’s security and business operations, they can undoubtedly be elevated by the addition of video analytics through intelligent and innovative software solutions. Combining video data with point-of-sale systems helps bring actionable insights to operators, not only facilitating stronger investigations and fraud reduction efforts, but also improving customer service and marketing.

Loss prevention professionals will gather to discuss the advantages of panoramic surveillance and analytics in retail and more at the upcoming NRF Protect conference June 11-13 in Dallas, Texas. Oncam will showcase its award-winning technology at booth #1702, demonstrating its ability to offer retailers the chance to be proactive instead of reactive in targeting incidents. At the North American Fraud Awards this year, Oncam won “Most Innovative Online Solution” for its Cloud Searching Dashboard developed with Video Analysis Solutions (VAS) and was shortlisted in the “Best Collaborative Solution” category for its 360-degree POS solution with EZUniverse, showcasing its dedication to delivering solutions for the retail vertical in particular.

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