Oncam Teams are Navigating a New Normal – Working from Home | Oncam

The mindset befalling many of us in the current climate can best be described as conflicting. But, as George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” This has become particularly relevant when it comes to adjusting to the new work life many companies are attempting to navigate while their teams are working from home, which for some is quite different than the norm.

Oncam is embracing the new way of conducting business, harnessing the power of a remote, agile workforce aimed at keeping our employees safe, happy and productive. This effort has come to fruition through four key techniques:

Focusing on Culture

Oncam and the other businesses in the ONVU Technologies group takes a truly collaborative approach to the business and does so by nurturing individuals in an effort to build a team. Here, culture is important, and the team continues to cherish the culture of the organization by engaging in team-wide virtual events, chats and collaboration meetings in an effort to communicate a sense of community even when working from home means distancing from the rest of the team.

Sharing Our Reality

It’s no wonder that video calls are intriguing: they let the team peek into each other’s homes and habits. Sheds, living rooms, kitchens, spare rooms, conservatories, bedrooms, attics — anything goes when setting up a remote workspace. And we are each sharing where we’re spending our days, or the mugs we use to drink our favorite beverage in an effort to bring the team closer together. You can view our workspaces or our mugs pictures on our social pages.


Making Meetings More than Work

Virtual lunches, virtual quizzes, happy hours and video conferencing are all becoming a way to reach out and “touch” those you work with, and like the technology we create, we’re finding new ways to leverage video to foster the spirit of our teams. Sharing wins with the team, tips for staying well or positive reinforcement is an important part of working in an office environment, but with each employee separated from their team members, businesses like ours must find ways to brainstorm and build camaraderie using forward-thinking technology like Microsoft Teams and other platforms.

Nurturing the Team

We’re living in a time of upheaval and uncertainty, and that can have a negative effect on how we work. Technology can only go so far in helping the team navigate their current reality. Our intranet is buzzing with tips, and team members are actively sharing resources for making the most of working from home remotely, how to balance being a caretaker with work demand and much, much more. Even tech companies must focus on the people at the heart of the business, and it’s critical to begin from a nurturing standpoint.

We’re living in unprecedented times, and while ONVU Technologies and its businesses are committed to providing the technology needed for critical businesses alongside working with our partners, we’re also laser focused on ensuring the safety and security of those on our teams. Contact us if you have any questions.