Securing Critical Infrastructure Sites with Panoramic Surveillance | Oncam

The necessity of the comprehensive and reliable protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure sites can never be overstated; although we may not think about it often, these facilities provide us with the essential products and services we use on a day-to-day basis, such as power, water and heat. And with today’s evolving threat landscape and increasing complexity of attacks, critical infrastructure security — both physical and cyber — is crucial now more than ever.

Video surveillance is one of the key weapons in the arsenal to protect our critical infrastructure. But securing large sites with video can be challenging. Panoramic surveillance technology enabled by 180- and 360-degree cameras and software provides critical infrastructure sites with an innovative solution to ensure comprehensive monitoring and mitigate security challenges commonly experienced in this industry. One wide-angle or 360-degree camera can often replace multiple traditional cameras, reducing annual maintenance costs for these organizations while yielding the same amount of high-quality coverage.

One difficulty security operators at critical infrastructure sites face is the inherently dangerous nature of the work and the need for high levels of compliance. At power plants, for example, employees face the risk of electric shock or burn hazards. Panoramic video surveillance allows for the ability to monitor for compliance and confirm that all safety protocols are being followed and that facility security standards and regulations are met. 

The often expansive and broad layout of critical infrastructure sites also presents a security challenge, as it may be burdensome to keep an eye on all aspects of the facility at once. But both perimeter and internal surveillance are imperative to safeguard against threats such as trespassing, terrorism and theft (both internal and external). Panoramic security cameras can provide coverage of all relevant areas through both live and recorded video, meaning no incident will be missed, and can act as a deterrent to unauthorized individuals.

As the risks facing critical infrastructure sites continue to advance, security operators are experiencing the need for increased data capture and situational awareness. Today’s video intelligent solutions enable enhanced data collection through video analytics, creating the opportunity to identify, track or screen individuals. And thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud, remote monitoring of critical infrastructure sites is made possible, ensuring the coverage of even the most unreachable spots and facilitating an immediate and efficient response should an incident occur.

The advantages of panoramic video surveillance at critical infrastructure sites are clear and should not be ignored; the effects of a major attack or breach at any of these locations throughout the world would extend far beyond just the site itself, demanding innovative, extensive and trustworthy security solutions.