The Design ideas behind the new Evolution 180 Outdoor | Oncam

When we first introduced the Evolution 180 Indoor camera, we talked about the purpose behind developing 180-degree technology, specifically designed for applications that require a dewarped panoramic view of a scene from a single-sensor camera. Now, we’ve taken that same innovative technology and applied it to the new Evolution 180 Outdoor camera, meeting the needs of end users in a variety of markets.

The Evolution 180 Outdoor camera encompasses the innovative 6MP Panoramic+ image, equipped with Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology and Offset Angle Compensation, which provide adaptive dewarping of a 180-degree image. The true day/night functionality allows images to be produced in all lighting conditions, serving those in environments such as hospitality, retail, public spaces, transportation and more.

But the most unique characteristic of the Evolution 180 Outdoor is the design approach we took to craft a strong, attractive enclosure that reflects the function of the device. The model holds an IP68 rating for submersion, as well as an IP69K rating against water and dust ingress from harsh environments. Additionally, its IK10+ rating further enhances the camera’s ruggedness against impact protection.

The camera’s curved surfaces produce a sleek finish, while built-in sun shields perform identically at any angle. The design sweeps back to the wall or pendant, creating a smooth, flush appearance, optimal for areas where concealment is desired. The camera’s design is not only aesthetically appealing, but it was designed with ease of installation paramount: everything an installer needs comes in the box, making it a better install and ultimately, a better end solution.  Features such as the use of one tool for all screws, the minimized number of sealing areas and compression guides lead to a simple, hassle-free setup. In addition to a user-friendly experience for the installer, the Evolution 180 Outdoor is ONVIF Profile S compliant, adding integration flexibility with leading video management systems.

The technology inside the camera is truly innovative and high quality, matching the housing it comes in. Both the camera and lens are optimized to give customers more pixels on target than any other panoramic camera, ultimately enhancing security for users by increasing the ability to locate vulnerabilities or potential threats.

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