Getting to Know: Oncam's Principal Technology Consultant, Justin Wheatley

Getting to Know: Oncam's Principal Technology Consultant,

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It takes a very knowledgeable and agile individual to help define the technology an organization should use in current and future products. This person has an essential job: understand in detail the technology used in current products, its purpose, its benefits, and any shortcomings, and define what should be pursued for future products 

They need to stay appraised of current, emerging, and competing technologies, spot the most fitting opportunities, and champion their development and application to deliver the maximum benefits that these technologies could bring. 


They need to run sessions with the product team and customer-facing teams and engage with sales, support, and the C-Suite. But it is not enough to set up meetings and sit back. This person needs to truly understand what each department is hearing and thinking and then incorporate those thoughts and ideas into an overall product strategy. Success comes when they can improve plans based on what they learn and create internal alignment and excitement. 

 At Oncam, this person is Justin Wheatley. As, Principal Technology Consultant Justin ensures that Oncam is equipped with the technology it needs to sustain its product pipeline. Being a master at brainstorming, Justin is always on the lookout for cool technologies that can help sustain the organization’s future business goals. 

 Here, we chat with Justin about innovation, new technologies, and his ongoing enthusiasm for 360-degree video technology. 

What role does innovation play within your role with Oncam? 

Innovation is at the center of everything we do. We intend to make the best product for the applications that our customers are entrenched in, and we don't stop once a product is finished. A critical part of innovation is what happens after the product is available; we continually look at what the application needs and find new ways to exceed expectations on what 360-degree video can provide. Also, innovation includes improving on what we've done based on our past experiences over time. For us, innovation is constant. 

What excites you about technology today? 

I love the opportunity to see what new technologies are emerging worldwide and think about how they can improve Oncam's products and further help our customers leverage the power of 360-degree video. AI and augmented reality are exciting spaces to watch, and I'm constantly evaluating how those innovations may lead to an opportunity to import their genius into our market. All these new technologies can bring potential benefits to our customers; we're driven to exploring how. 

How did you become interested in 360-degree video? 

I was working with another company in the industry when I first saw a 360-degree video image on a surveillance system, and it was a lightning bolt moment for me. I was immediately inspired to find out how we could dewarp the picture so you could go back and look around. I called it Time Travel PTZ and fell in love with the idea. After helping develop the dewarping feature and launch it at a major supermarket customer, I had the chance to join Oncam and further build out the incredible opportunity before us. Today, there are still so many other aspects to explore with 360-degree video, and there is much development and so many ideas ahead of us. 

What do you like most about working at Oncam? 

The most exciting part of being a member of the Oncam team is that there is always someone invested in what you're doing. There is incredible teamwork and idea-sharing. It's a wonderfully collaborative and rewarding experience daily.  

How did you transition into the role you're in now? 

Honestly, coming to Oncam has been a defining part of my career. I initially joined as a product manager and explored so many different parts of the business in that role. What we uncovered over time was how my expertise could serve the company more broadly and uniquely. Once we identified these strengths, the company empowered me to move into a new position where I could continue to apply my passion for technology to building an overall product strategy. I know I'm able to better deliver my capabilities in a way that I would not have otherwise, and I am incredibly grateful to the Oncam management team for empowering me to grow so much along the way.