Introducing the new C-Series Camera Dewarping Demo Tool 

C-Series Camera Dewarping Web Demo 

We already know that the Oncam C-Series camera range packs a real punch! Our powerful C-08 and C-12 can support a wide variety of surveillance needs. Offering 8MP and 12MP respectively, the C-Series provides market-leading frame rates and are available in discreet indoor and robust outdoor form factors.

Our blend of cutting-edge technologies gives you clear, crisp image quality in variable light conditions while our patented dewarping technology enables you to digitally pan, tilt and zoom into areas of interest. This sounds great but what if you could see it for yourself? Well, now you can!  You can now explore a range of indoor and outdoor environments with footage from our C-Series cameras using our new online dewarping tool!

What is dewarping?

But first…what is dewarping? 360-degree cameras provide a circular image of the scene by using a 180-degree horizontal and vertical field of view lens.

Light from all angles enters the camera lens into the image sensor, creating a 360-degree view of the scene. The visual distortion this creates is commonly known as a ‘fisheye’ effect.

Our technology then digitally manipulates the image to give the look of a traditional video stream. This process of digital manipulation is known as dewarping

Oncam C-Series Camera Dewarping Technology - 1 Fisheye View


1. Native 360-degree Fisheye View
Oncam C-Series Camera Dewarping Technology - 2 Dewarp


2. Transition from Fisheye to Dewarped View
Oncam C-Series Camera Dewarping Technology - 3 Dewarped View


3. Dewarped View
Oncam C-Series Camera Dewarping Technology - Close-up 4 Dewarped View


4. Zoomed-In Dewarped View


The images above provide a basic idea of what an Oncam C-Series customer can expect. To demonstrate the feature and appreciate the benefits of total situational awareness, you need to explore our web dewarping tool. Check it out and you will discover just how much you can see from just a single C-Series camera.

What can our online dewarping tool do? 

Our unique and innovative online tool allows you to fully experience the characteristics of our 360-degree C-Series dewarping capabilities without VMS integration, additional software or having to see the camera and technology in person. 

Choose from real-life samples of indoor and outdoor footage and experience Oncam C-Series dewarping technology for yourself.