Keeping our transportation industry moving

Kostas Mellos HeadshotKeeping our transportation industry moving.  

Kostas Mellos  

When we think of transportation we immediately think about it on a personal level; getting from A to B or whether our Amazon delivery will get to us today. But the transportation industry is far more complex than that. Without us realizing it transportation plays a role in almost every aspect of industry and our lives, without the movement of goods and people everything stops, a scary thought! This is what makes it vital to every economy across the world and why such importance is placed on transportation to be functioning at a high level all times.  

The transportation sector is unique in the varied and complex threats its faces, from issues such as high volumes of people within transit stations to high value items been transported on ships and ferries,  there are a wealth of security considerations to face. To be able to provide an uninterrupted and efficient transportation service, providers depend heavily on the safety and security measures in place. 

While the industry is heavily regulated to mitigate risks and provide safe environments, the implementation of advanced video surveillance is vital to ensure that safety guidelines are being adequately met.  In general, any type of video surveillance offers numerous advantages to the industry, however,  utilizing omnidirectional camera technology things get a whole lot better. 

Both 180- and 360-degree cameras enable security personnel to obtain a complete view of transportation entities, such as a bus, airport, cruise ship or train station, providing a comprehensive picture with no blind spots. This then leads to various benefits, such as: 


Elevated situational awareness. Through the ability to monitor activity across an entire scene, transportation security officials can establish a proactive approach to identifying potential threats before they turn into an incident. 


Enhanced investigations. When an emergency occurs on a method of transportation, an immediate response is necessary to mitigate the risk, restore operations and limit further damage. Omnidirectional camera technology provides in-depth intelligence and insight that enables security officials to obtain pertinent details and track suspicious activities. 


Improved business operations. Innovative surveillance technology can deliver advantages outside of security as well, through the use of high-level industry specific analytics such as people flow, cargo loading and unloading, heat mapping, and more. 


Optimal mounting options. Compact and discreet 180- and 360-degree surveillance cameras are ideal for the transportation industry, where devices must often fit into narrow spaces while still capturing  high quality imagery. 


Across the globe, public transportation agencies must contend with a number of vulnerabilities and threats on a near daily basis, and when you consider how important transportation is around the world it’s an absolute must that the best technology be implemented. Oncam’s C-08 camera has recently been transport certified for road and railway applications. With it’s 360 and 180-degree capabilities, discreet compact form and Multi-Mode technology the C-08 is the perfect partner for transportation surveillance and security. Proving the perfect full coverage surveillance system without blind spots – exactly what the industry needs!  

It’s without doubt that the use of omnidirectional surveillance technology can help reduce the severity and frequency of security incidents, leading to a safer transportation process for all. Let’s keep our transportation industry safe and moving for many years to come.