5 Keys to Smart Marketing in Today’s Casinos - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

Video surveillance is an essential component when it comes to casino management. Fortunately, today there are innovative video platforms and evolving software solutions that address the unique risks and threats that casinos face. But, new technology also does much more than just provide safety and protection for people, customer and assets; it can be used as a cutting-edge marketing tool that can result in increased profits and better business management.

At its core, Oncam’s 360-degree video technology enables casinos to keep an eye on all aspects of the property with fewer cameras (in some cases, a single panoramic camera can replace four to five traditional cameras). This technology is critical for forensic purposes and to mitigate threats. Coupled with video analytic software, these cameras can also offer business leaders critical information that can result in direct return-on-investment and optimized business operations. Here are some of the capabilities that can be used in today’s casinos to achieve these goals:

People Counting – Knowing how many visitors the casino has on any given day is pertinent knowledge for casino operations. Certain days or times may be more popular than others, and this information helps fill in the gaps for promotional timelines and staffing.

Traffic Management – Casinos often see a heavy amount of foot traffic. To efficiently manage the casino floor, it is important to have an overview of where people congregate the most, and what sections are most popular. This information can help optimize floor layout to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

Data Analytics – Oncam’s 360-degree video technology integrates seamlessly with security software that delivers real-time usable data. Analytics such as gender recognition can reveal demographic information that is valuable for marketing purposes.

Marketing Effectiveness – Once a strategic marketing plan has been developed and implemented, it is critical to review its success. By using the analytical and overview management tools, casinos can get a more complete view of what is working (and what’s not).

Customer Satisfaction – A happy customer is a returning customer. Oncam offers a process that leads to fewer incidents, and a bird’s-eye view to what is catching casino customers’ attention, and what is sparking their interest.

Safety of the casino and safety of the customer are always a priority, but an added advantage of Oncam’s technology is the ability to use video surveillance for marketing tactics. Knowing how patrons move around the casino, logging this information, and converting it to useable data is invaluable for marketing and promotions. In an age where online shopping can use digital tracking to hone in on customer trends, Oncam has now converted this technology to today’s casino floors.

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