An Introduction to Oncam as a Technology Partner - Who is Oncam in 2016? - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

2016 is going to be a transformative year. The public are getting a feel for what technology can bring from the digital to the real world. Google’s self-driving cars and Amazon’s delivery drones are making headlines and demonstrating a new version of the future. Society is embracing the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and moving towards the dream of smart cities, propelled forward by greater connectivity, more automation, and algorithmic intelligence.

Oncam has been part of this trend since our inception thanks to our smart 360˚ cameras and industry-leading dewarping solution. In 2016 our aim is to lead the technology landscape in showcasing ever-smarter solutions that swiftly and dramatically help organisations to improve the way they operate.

To that end, Oncam has a new mission and a new vision for 2016. Our mission is to drive the future of intelligent and interconnected business management through video, cloud, and analytic technologies. We will fulfill that mission by bringing dynamic business intelligence and interconnectivity to our customers to simply and profoundly impact their success.

The next phase in business evolution is to connect the ‘silos’ of data stored online and in company servers and unite it with intelligence gathered from the real world. By creating this holistic, enriched picture, we can finally create an accurate ‘single version of the truth’.

Oncam is investing in research and development for smart technologies that use powerful analytics to remove tedious, repetitive, manual processes that organisations have to do to record vital information. Our intelligent tools will then automatically provide real-time, real-world insights, allowing our customers to deploy people to wherever they’re most effective.

Some things will not change. We will still partner with the best complementary technology businesses and bring our solutions to market with the best value-added resellers and systems integrators. We will always base our solutions on open standards and work with all partners to give our customers the solutions that are best for them.

In tune with an evolving technology sector, Oncam is continuing to innovate. Customers across our heartlands of retail, education, gaming, hospitality, critical infrastructure, city surveillance, transport, commercial and governmental property, maritime and banking – and in all business sectors – will soon benefit from the convergence of physical and digital business intelligence. Traditional, non-connected technologies and siloed software solutions have taken the modern business as far as they can. Future-oriented organisations are looking to connected solutions to power the next phase of growth, improve service delivery, and realise tangible business efficiency.

The future is coming, and it’s bright, connected, and open for all.