Analytics and the Quest for Intelligence - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

Security enhancements are necessary when it comes to business operations. Every market sector can benefit from assessing their current technologies, and exploring what options are out there. Retail, casinos, transportation, education, city infrastructures – these are just a few industries that are realizing the need for updated security practices. For a business to truly succeed in today’s changing atmosphere they must look to Oncam’s evolving technology in analytics and business intelligence to remain one step ahead.

Over the years, Oncam has continued to develop their 360-degree video technology, and users are now experiencing the tremendous advantages of this technology. These fisheye cameras offer a wider area of coverage with virtually no blind spots, requiring far fewer cameras for area surveillance. With no moving parts, these state-of-the-art cameras require practically no maintenance; therefore users experience a high return on investment (ROI). The silent and inconspicuous nature of the cameras adds to the capability of capturing total situational awareness while remaining discreet and unobtrusive.

Video coverage has now evolved past simple image capture, and advanced analytics are now bridging the gap between physical security and technological surveillance in many ways. The analytics that Oncam’s technology enables allow businesses to proactively recognize behaviors to create an efficient and safe environment with minimal disruption. With the ability to capture behavior patterns and to retroactively track with camera analytics, it is now easier than ever to recognize trends and patterns. This analysis can be extremely important in the case of a security investigation, but it can also be used to improve business operations and productivity.

Facial-recognition software can improve surveillance and verification, and heat maps can reveal movement and traffic patterns, crowd density and customer flow. People counting and dwell-time analyses can pinpoint what areas people are drawn to, which is essential information for merchandising or marketing efforts. Internally, businesses can validate employees and protect restricted areas to further enhance security efforts.

The beauty of Oncam’s product offerings is that there is a solution to every security need. Cameras and accessories are available for an array of indoor or outdoor environments, and this is paired with advanced software technology that offers scalable systems with analytical capabilities to enhance security and optimize business operations.

Video analytics enabled by Oncam’s 360-degree technology allows customers access to real-time statistics that make a significant difference when approaching security, as well as overall business operations. Although analytics software is still being deployed on a small scale as the technology continues to develop, as businesses adopt this model of security and increase the amount of data that they are processing, analytic technologies are increasingly helpful to fully utilize the available products in the security market.