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Welcome to the new Oncam blog! Our team is excited to launch this new platform for engaging with our customers, technology partners and the industry as a whole. In our regular blog posts, we’ll hear from industry experts, examine market trends and events, and keep readers up-to-date on the latest at Oncam.

Before we get started, we first wanted to introduce ourselves as a company. Oncam was founded in 2007 and has since established a global presence as a leader in surveillance technology. As an independent, highly specialized security company, we’ve earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative firms in the industry. Our team is made up of experienced, energetic and enthusiastic individuals who represent the best of the best in the physical security world.


Oncam is a highly innovative company, and our unique products reflect that spirit. Our goal is to design and deliver security solutions that enable total situational awareness. We have more than a decade of experience with 360-degree fisheye camera technology, and our award-winning cameras are utilized by customers throughout the world to secure a wide range of facilities, including critical infrastructure sites, casinos, cruise ships, commercial buildings, corporate and university campuses, municipal areas and many more. As a pioneer of 360-degree technology, we understand the need to intelligently integrate the whole process and ensure it provides a modern, scalable solution.

Our 360-degree fisheye cameras include award-winning, patented technology to help end-users tackle security and liability challenges by giving them total situational awareness. Oncam technology integrates seamlessly with leading video management systems, command-and-control, biometrics, access control and other state-of-the-art technologies to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly security solution.

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360-degree fisheye cameras are quickly growing in popularity, with experts expecting global shipments of panoramic surveillance technology to increase by more than 60 percent year-on-year. Oncam’s 360-degree cameras lead this burgeoning industry, with an emphasis on total situational awareness.

Our 360-degree cameras include several important differentiating features:

  • 5-megapixel resolution and our patented dewarping technology, which help keep bandwidth and storage requirements to a minimum while giving operators a smooth, seamless viewing experience
  • Purpose-built design to enable quick and easy installation
  • Both live and retrospective analysis of a scene, which helps identify and track suspects
  • The ability for multiple operators to individually track threats from a single camera, using live or recorded video
  • Patented technology that achieves dewarping and video rendering on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), providing a superior end-user experience
  • Multiple form factors—including indoor and outdoor, concealed and explosion-proof—which enable flexible mounting options in a wide range of environments

Stay tuned to the new Oncam blog for the latest news and insights into our company, our technology and this dynamic industry. And we very much welcome and value your own perspective in the comments section of each post. We look forward to hearing from you!