Oncam Evolution ExD camera range wins Safety & Security Money-Saving Products for 2019 | Oncam

The ExD camera range adheres to a number of certifications that make it exponentially safer and more appealing to markets such as oil and gas, power, storage, manufacturing and more. The IECEx deemed the ExD certified at a “high” protection level, with the flame-proof housing protecting an inner explosion from spreading into the surrounding atmosphere.

The ExD camera range is the only 360-degree single-sensor camera with an explosion-protected housing. The ATEX mark certifies the camera for use in non-mining explosion-prone environments, with an ambient temperature between -20°C and +55°C. The camera range also features a heavy duty, 316L stainless steel housing and is rated IP66, IP67 and IP68 against water and dust ingress.

A single 360-degree camera allows security operators to see the full view of an expansive area within a building or facility (or even outside of it), replacing between four and five traditional field-of-view cameras.

Each of those cameras come with associated licensing and bandwidth-related costs, so being able to address a lower cost option that provides even more critical video coverage can be a major selling point for building and facility managers.

Additionally, the ExD cameras are built using ONVIF Profile S standardization, meaning they can integrate seamlessly with other ONVIF compliant technology, saving significant investment in additional systems over time.


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