Heist on Cam - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

Oncam is delighted to introduce an exciting new brand campaign, featuring an interactive detective game that introduces users first-hand to our robust 360-degree technology suite. We need your help, and there’s not a moment to lose!

“Heist on Cam: A Detective Story in 360” lets users solve a heist mystery in first person as Inspector John McGill, using the basic principles of our 360-degree camera technology.The simulated Oncam experience allows players to zoom into and interact with highly detailed video footage of parking garages, restaurants, and streets to gather the necessary clues to catch the perpetrators.

Though “Heist on Cam” provides a sufficient amount of amusement for an afternoon, the campaign is much more than just a game. “Heist on Cam” acquaints each player with Oncam’s easy-to-use, innovative surveillance technologies and camera suites.

Users will experience the caliber of Oncam’s actual integration capabilities and dewarped 360-degree image quality through each level, making it clear that these technologies are as indispensable to real-life incident management as they are to McGill’s virtual inquiry.

You never know what piece of evidence might crack the case until you can see the whole story in front of you. But beware! Not everything is as it seems…

Best of luck, Inspector McGill. You’re going to need it.