New Starting Line for Oncam, Powered by People | Oncam

By Scott Brothers, COO, Oncam

It would be easy for this blog to talk only about the C-Series and how beginning with the C-12, we move things forward in the security space where I’ve spent my entire professional life. After all, this is an introductory blog as we launch the newest Oncam range of products (which has been a labour of love for us all the past 18 months).

My primary focus though is on the team that has created these products and why I think the new era of Oncam holds such promise as we enter the next phase of our evolution. We set out to build a team that could positively challenge one another while focusing on creating special products that our partners would take pride in marketing and selling worldwide. This new era for us is driven by a team that has a number of things in common while also bringing wonderful individual traits to the organization. These individuals each are talented, but collectively, they understand that resilience, tenacity, and a genuine desire to collaborate internally and externally will take us to the next level.

We believe Oncam has a significant role to play with our partners as a result of our 15 years of experience in 360-degree technology, with our cameras able to fill the 360-degree/panoramic gap in their portfolios. To be partner-focused in this new era means that listening will be the key, whether during a development phase or after hitting the market. The old adage, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together,” has never carried more weight.

The design of the C-series range challenged the way we traditionally approach development, including:

  • Attention to design: Our team prioritized functionality, interoperability, and cohesiveness in the C-series to deliver a best-in-class option as part of a surveillance ecosystem.
  • Ease of handling: Down to the packaging and sourcing options for ensuring the camera’s availability to the market, the C-series meets stringent goals for sourced materials management.
  • Installation: The ease of installation was a huge factor in the design of the camera, keeping in mind providing a streamlined approach for the installer.
  • User experience: from packaging to installation to configuration tools, the way the camera is presented to the end user is critical to the success of the technology, and in this design, our team made every attempt to ensure that the user feels comfortable in the driver’s seat when interacting with the product.

As we build on that 15-year legacy of innovation in 360-degree fisheye technology, the C-series allows us to extend our reach alongside our strategic alliance partners as 360 video plays a more prominent role in solution design. These partners have been an integral part of the development of this technology, and we welcome the opportunity to connect with more of these organizations looking to form a true partnership and build on the continued success of Oncam’s technology across a variety of markets.

So, we ask the question: Are you ready to collaborate with the leader in 360-degree fisheye technology? We welcome the opportunity to highlight our C-series and C-12, bringing the power of collaboration, a complete solution, and a team that’s committed to the kind of quality on which we’ve built a lifetime of innovation. Find out more about the C-series and how to become a strategic alliance partner.