Oncam at MIT: Connected Things 2017 - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

As Oncam works diligently with retail organizations to maximize security solutions and streamline operations using critical video data, we know that all of the systems used in today’s retail operations are becoming increasingly connected. Next week – on March 13 – I will have the honor of presenting on a panel, “Connected Retail: Running the Store with IoT,” during the MIT Media Lab Connected Things 2017 Enterprise Forum in Cambridge, Mass.

The idea behind the Connected Things 2017 Forum is to explore how to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things and how IoT can have the biggest impact on people, places and things. Other critical topics that will be discussed during the event include: data governance, privacy and security standards, accelerating development/deployment, change management and much more.

The panel in which I will be presenting explores how connected products (M2M/IoT) are (re)shaping the retail industry. Retailers are focused on IoT not just to better serve the consumer but to also create more efficiencies. While many in the industry talk about harvesting consumer data from various sensors, the panel discussion will focus on tools available to retailers to run, manage and secure retail locations. Some of the various topics we will talk about include:

  • Examples of active retail applications, their outcomes and values
  • What data is collected from security, signage and other sensors?
  • Digital sign/real-time pricing
  • In-store retail security – from shrinkage monitoring to heat mapping demand
  • What’s next for retail? How does it evolve for the future?

I will be joined by some big names in the retail and IT industry, including:

  • Kaynam Hedayat, VP Product Management and Marketing, Digital Lumens
  • Sanjay Manandhar, Founder and President, Aerva
  • Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research
  • Michelle Moulin, CEO, iZipline, LLC

Oncam has long been an integral part of the video infrastructure of some of today’s most innovative retail companies, providing 360-degree video technology and the ability to seamlessly integrate with point-of-sale, analytics software and various other sensors to provide insight into the habits of customers. The information gathered through this kind of technology has the potential to offer retail organizations the ability to streamline operations, determine whether marketing initiatives are working and give real-time conversion rates. I am excited to share some insight on these use cases, as well as participate in the overall discussion on the adoption and impact of IoT devices.