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Oncam announce that Mouawad, a world-renowned luxury jeweler has deployed Oncam’s Evolution 360-degree cameras.


Oncam Secures World-renowned Luxury Jeweler Mouawad in Malaysia


Evolution 360-degree concealed camera meets stringent demands of high-end retailer


Lowell, Mass., and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 4, 2015 – Oncam, the security division of Oncam Technologies, announced today that Mouawad, a world-renowned luxury jeweler catering to royalty and world celebrities, has deployed Oncam’s Evolution 360-degree concealed cameras to secure the jewelry boutique and its contents.


Nestled inside Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur’s finest luxury mall, Mouawad serves exclusive clientele made up of royalty, the wealthy elite and celebrities, and the company’s masterpieces are some of the most expensive in the world. Securing the inventory and store in Kuala Lumpur is paramount to the organization, and company executives sought out a surveillance solution that could cover the entire boutique floor, while also being intuitive to operate and remotely accessible from mobile devices.


The Evolution 360-degree concealed camera contains a 5 MP high-resolution sensor that delivers constant 360-degree surveillance and no blind spots. The camera produces high-quality images, critical for 24/7 operations in the retail environment. Along with the camera, a QNAP Network Video Recorder (NVR) was deployed to meet the company’s requirements for video storage and overall system management.


“With Oncam, I can quickly check any part of my store effortlessly, zoom in and rotate the view as much as I want — live and recorded. I never miss a thing,” said Antoine Bakhache, Managing Director, Bakhache Luxuries, which manages the Malaysian operations of Mouawad. “I was literally taken away by the technology and ease of use offered on the mobile app, and immediately knew it was the right technology for our evolving and dynamic business.”


Oncam’s mobile application, OnVu360, enables users to fully experience 360-degree, HD surveillance in on any mobile device. It enables users to monitor Oncam 360-degree cameras in real time while providing access to video data at all times. The OnVu360 app can stream up to a full 5-megapixels and supports Oncam’s Evolution and Halocam line of cameras.


“Oncam’s system drastically improved the situational awareness for Mouawad’s operations and management team while delivering remote access to the surveillance system, which is exactly what the customer wanted,” said John Graham, Country Manager, Malaysia, Oncam. “Security is paramount for Mouawad, and it’s important for high-end retailers to invest in surveillance technology that delivers the utmost in video quality to reduce losses, monitor operations and enhance the customer experience.”


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