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It’s safe to say that taking advantage of a surveillance system for comprehensive security and protection is a no-brainer in today’s society, as the threat landscape continues to become more complex each day. And these threats don’t discriminate: no matter the industry or type of facility, reliable and thorough video footage has become a must for real-time safety and investigations.

A common challenge arises when this concept is applied to environments where conditions are rough or hazardous. Video cameras must be able to withstand various elements, temperatures and pressure – providing a tool that enhances safety, not one that could create the opposite effect.

Oncam’s new explosive environment ExD camera range, housing the 5MP or 12MP modules, addresses this need by bringing the company’s innovative 360-degree technology to hazardous areas in key markets such as oil and gas, power, storage and more. In potentially explosive environments, the ExD camera range is designed to prevent flames from leaving the housing in the event of a spark.

The following certifications  are applicable in various regions:


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has identified the IECEx voluntary certification scheme as its system that facilitates the acceptance of equipment for use in explosive environments in many countries around the world.

The system is based on zones that define the probability of ignitable hazardous material being present in the atmosphere, such as gas and dust. The ExD cameras are certified at a “high” protection level, with the flame-proof housing protecting an inner explosion from spreading into the surrounding atmosphere.


National deviations of the IECEx standard are used throughout the world, with the ATEX Directive a requirement in the European Union. The ATEX certification describes what equipment and work environment is allowed in an area with an explosive atmosphere, and its qualifications are similar to those of the IECEx certification. The ExD camera range is the only 360-degree single-sensor camera with an explosion protected housing. The ATEX mark certifies the camera for use in non-mining explosion-prone environments, with an ambient temperature between -20°C and +55°C.

The camera range also features a heavy duty, 316L stainless steel housing and is rated IP66, IP67 and IP68 against water and dust ingress.

Together, these certifications and specifications highlight the ExD camera’s ability to contain an explosion in treacherous conditions, ensuring the safety of people and assets in the most demanding and extreme environments, whilst also allowing security personnel to monitor activity at all times.


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