Maintaining the Safety and Integrity of Gaming Operations | Oncam

A casino is often a lively and busy environment, filled with excited and hopeful gamblers looking to win big. The gaming floor buzzes with energy and continuous movement, creating a great atmosphere for folks having a good time, but at the same time, presenting significant challenges for security officials.


The gaming industry has a huge responsibility to help safeguard guests, employees and assets —  not to mention strict regulations to do so — but accomplishing this task isn’t easy. It’s very difficult to monitor wide-open spaces with many entry and exit points, with large numbers of people gathered around tables or constantly moving in different directions.


And because these establishments are known to have large amounts of money changing hands at a rapid pace, casinos are often targets for theft and fraud. Security officials must therefore be able to quickly and efficiently respond and investigate in the event of an incident. Casinos require security technology that has the ability to monitor in both real time and retrospectively, as well as incorporate analytics to detect suspicious behaviors.


Increasingly, casinos are turning to omnidirectional surveillance technology solutions that support high-quality analytics to confront the challenges they face on a daily basis. Both 180- and 360-degree cameras allow casino security personnel to obtain a complete view of the scene and zoom into parts of the image or track people and objects at the same time.


360-degree cameras can cost-effectively provide complete coverage of large gaming areas to help mitigate fraud, assist investigations and enhance customer service. In addition, wall-mounted, high resolution 180-degree cameras can provide wide coverage with panoramic images in casino hallways or corridors, where traffic flow is often congested.


Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Mich., deployed 360-degree surveillance coverage to achieve advanced situational intelligence and optimize business operations. The safety and security of guests and employees was paramount to the resort’s management, and with 24/7 operations, officials needed comprehensive surveillance of the entire gaming floor.


The installation of the 360-degree cameras helped the casino augment its security operations, giving operators the ability to use both the 360-degree cameras and the existing PTZ cameras to track persons of interest. The surveillance director also uses the video data to target theft and fraud in a cost-effective and covert manner.


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