Stainless Steel Camera - Certifications Explained | Oncam

Oncam’s Evolution 05 and Evolution 12 Stainless Steel Cameras are unique in the 360-degree video surveillance market. Both versions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of customers operating in extreme environments where resilience is paramount, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, industrial and chemical plants, ports and marine applications.

The housing is manufactured in electropolished marine grade 316 stainless steel, which offers great resistance to corrosion and rusting and maximizes the camera life. The design is stylish and sleek, making the camera a great fit for prestige architecture. These features have led the Stainless Steel camera to achieve advanced certifications and ratings: NSF, IP69K and IK10. But what do all of these numbers and letters mean? We break it down for you:

NSF Certification

The Stainless Steel Camera has been certified by NSF International to Standard 169 – Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices. NSF International standards serve as the benchmarks by which all commercial foodservice equipment products are measured. Certification signifies to customers, specifiers and health departments that these products have been reviewed and certified by an independent third-party organization to the industry’s leading standards and that they meet all applicable North American regulatory sanitation requirements.

To earn the certification to NSF/ANSI Standard 169, the Stainless Steel Camera was subject to a review a process evaluation to verify its compliance as stated in the NSF International standard. Certification by NSF International also included an audit of Oncam’s manufacturing facility to verify compliance and that the product is made using Good Manufacturing Practices.

NSF International food equipment standards include requirements for material safety, to ensure the product will not leach harmful chemicals into food; design and construction, to ensure the product is cleanable and is not likely to harbor bacteria; and product performance.


The ingress protection (IP) rating system is an internationally recognized scale that relates to proven protection against environmental factors such as liquids and solids. IP69K is the highest IP protection rating available against water and dust ingress and is widely used to test products that need to withstand sanitary wash downs.

During the test, the camera enclosure is first subjected to pressurized dust and afterwards exposed to high-pressure water jets. The test is passed only if no dust or water are observed inside the camera.


The impact protection (IK) rating portrays the degrees of protection provided by the enclosure against external mechanical impacts. In other words, this rating determines the camera’s level of vandalism protection.

Together, the NSF certification, IP69K rating and IK10 rating of the Stainless Steel Camera along with its innovative design open up new possibilities and enable total situational awareness in more challenging applications. As with all Oncam 360-degree cameras, both the Evolution 05 and Evolution 12 feature Oncam’s industry-leading dewarping software, available on the free mobile app and all major recording systems.

The Oncam Evolution Stainless Steel Camera will be on display during the 2017 ASIS International Conference and Expo, Sept. 25-28, in Dallas, at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. See a demo at our partner booths: Genetec (#3147) and Pelco by Schneider Electric (#2309). For more information about the camera, visit the Oncam website or contact us for more information.