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Billerica, Mass, (August 25, 2015) – Oncam, the security division of Oncam Technologies and leading provider of 360-degree camera technology, announced today that the company’s Evolution 05 MP camera line has achieved ONVIF Profile S conformance. Conformance with the ONVIF specification enables the Evolution camera suite to be integrated with a wide range of Video Management Systems (VMS) from other manufacturers that also meet ONVIF specifications

Oncam is committed to providing open systems to help simplify complex installations and integration projects for integrators while increasing technology options for end users. All five 5MP Evolution models are now conformant with Profile S, which describes the common functionalities shared by ONVIF conformant video management systems and devices such as IP cameras or encoders that send, configure, request or control the streaming of media data over an IP network. The profile includes specific features such as pan, tilt, zoom control, audio streaming and relay outputs.

To achieve conformance to the ONVIF Profile S Specification, the Evolution cameras were evaluated and tested against stringent criteria. Conformance to a particular ONVIF profile is based on self-declaration by ONVIF members, and is based on a test specification and test tool.

“We have invested a significant amount of effort to enhance the stability and performance of the Evolution camera’s architecture, and the positive ONVIF test results demonstrate our achievements,” said Steve Dillingham, Principal Software Engineer, Oncam. “Open standards give integrators and end users the freedom to choose the technologies that are going to work best for their specific environment. Oncam’s willingness to integrate with other manufacturers helps us provide our customers with solutions that work cohesively with the other technologies.”

The Evolution 05 camera incorporates Oncam’s patented three-dimensional dewarping software to enable live and retrospective analysis of an entire scene to quickly identify threats. The Evolution Indoor Camera has a 5MP sensor and no moving parts. The unit is designed for quick and easy installations, offers convenient mounting and enclosure options and fully supports Power-over-Ethernet.

“Certification of full conformance with the ONVIF profile confirms Oncam’s ongoing commitment to open systems and standards-based development,” said Justin Wheatley, Vice President of Product Development, Oncam. “By following and helping to develop these specifications, Oncam is helping to lead the industry in providing integrators and end users with technology that is based on open standards to streamline installations, maximize product integration and technology options.”

To learn more about Oncam’s 360-degree technologies and its commitment to open standards, join us for an interactive panel discussion during the 2015 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits, Sept. 28 through Oct. 1, in Anaheim, Calif. Security leaders from Saks Fifth Avenue and MGM Resorts International, along with Oncam’s executive team, will discuss applications for 360-degree technology in the retail and gaming environments. The panel will be from 9 to 10 a.m. PST Tuesday, Sept. 29, at the Hilton Anaheim. To RSVP for this event, or to schedule a demonstration or meeting with Oncam at ASIS 2015, e-mail sales@oncamgrandeye.com, and follow Oncam on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for more information.

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ONVIF is a non-profit organization and an open industry forum promoting and developing global standards for interfaces of IP-based physical security products. Founded in 2008, ONVIF now consists of more than 500 member companies in six continents and more than 4,500 Profile conformant products. The cornerstones of ONVIF are standardization of communication between IP-based physical security, interoperability between IP-based physical security products regardless of manufacturer, and open to all companies and organizations. For more information about ONVIF, visit www.onvif.org.


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Oncam is part of Oncam Technologies and was founded in 2007. Oncam is an independent, specialized IP video and technology company with a reputation for being one of the most innovative firms in today’s market. Oncam designs, delivers and deploys IP video solutions – working with partners to deliver high-value business solutions for customers, that leverage Oncam’s award-winning 360-degree cameras and other technologies.

From regional hubs in the U.K., United States, Turkey, South East Asia, UAE and India, Oncam provides security and technology solutions to customers in many countries around the world and is recognized as the global industry leader in total situational awareness. For more information, visit old-oncam.2112staging.com.


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