What Are The Challenges Of Protecting Large Campuses? | Oncam

Jon-Marsh-FINAL-scaledIn this interview with SecurityInformed, Jon Marsh, VP Product, discuses the challenges of large campuses and how 360- and 180-degree cameras can have a positive impact on surveillance solutions.

“For hospitals, educational and any other large campuses, one of the biggest security challenges is the sheer amount of space that officials must monitor at all times in an effort to comprehensively protect those on the premises. For example, many educational campuses are comprised of numerous outdoor common areas, while hospitals are often tasked with oversight of large parking structures and waiting rooms. In both instances, 360- and 180-degree panoramic camera technology can go a long way in addressing the need for increased coverage in a way that is both cost-effective and efficient.

Total situational awareness from a single camera reduces the screens to view and significantly improves the speed of locating an incident, which is a growing challenge when budgets for surveillance staff are being squeezed. As more complete coverage is needed, the cost of storage is also a significant concern, so leveraging advanced compression technologies will be key.”

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