Supply Chain - We've got it covered

Supply Chain – We’ve got it covered 

It is no secret that the Covid pandemic hit supply chains hard. Since the summer of 2021 all across the globe, widespread disruption has led to issues from major price hikes to delivery delays causing shortages in pretty much every industry worldwide.

One of the major contributors to the global supply chain problem is the unavailability of raw materials, there is a shortage of pretty much everything from rubber to glass, to metals and textiles and even food. When everyone is looking for raw materials that are scarce, producers and retailers cannot keep up with demand sending prices skyrocketing and businesses into a panic.  

Like the rest of the world, Oncam has not escaped supply chain problems, and with data suggesting that problems will continue into 2023, we have had to adapt to ensure that we continue to meet the demands of our partners and customers.  

So, instead of panicking, what have we done to ensure our products are being produced and shipped on time?  

Supply of parts  

To combat component shortages and increased supply lead times we have: 

  • Identified long lead time (LLT) parts effectively and placed orders through our manufacturing partner with approved distributors to secure parts prior to placing production purchase orders. 
  • Placed firm orders for the next 24 months to secure LLT parts and critical components and materials. 
  • Adding alternative sources to secure the supply of electronic component parts. 
  • Relentless follow-up to align supply with demand. 
  • Working closely with Sales Operations to provide extended visibility of the supply plan to customers.
  • Increasing production capacity in line with our increased sales demand.
  • Where appropriate, carefully select alternative vendors to supply components that have long lead times.  


  • With limited capacity and priority given to medical devices during the pandemic, planning early, advance booking, and reserving spaces to get shipping slots ensures we have enough stock arriving at the warehouse. 
  • Frequent inbound shipping has allowed us to meet customer demands. 
    Urgent orders have been expedited by air with FedEx. 

Have the last 18 months been hard? Absolutely, and do we expect to encounter unexpected problems in the months? Without a doubt, but we also know that we have the procedures in place to ensure that when issues arise we can deal with them effectively with little disruption to our partners and customers.

Our team here at Oncam has worked tirelessly to ensure our service remains at the same high standard you expect from us day in and day out. Difficult times pass but our dedicated and hardworking team is here to stay.