The C-08 – One camera, multiple uses.

The C-08 – One camera, multiple uses.  

OncamC-08 One camera multiple uses

Here at Oncam we pride ourselves on our 360-degree camera technology through the use of our cutting- edge fisheye lens. But what happens when your particular use case, such as traffic surveillance, corridors and perimeter protection for example, requires a 180-degree panoramic view?  

We understand that 180-degree cameras are critical for achieving increased situational awareness and a wide, complete picture allowing you to identify vulnerabilities and ensuring safety of people and property. In the past we would have directed you to a dedicated panoramic camera such as our Evolution 180. This wall mounted camera leveraged our Panoramic+ technology to provide 180-degree panoramic views. It’s multiple angle options and scene offset allowed for innovative  digitally  adjusted views that focused on areas that matter the most.  

So why are we not directing you there now? Why would we, when our all new 8MP C-08 camera can do all that and more!  

The C-08 is the newest addition to the C-Series range and the perfect sibling to our already impressive C-12. As you know the C-08 and the C-12’s fisheye lens effortlessly captures 360-degree views, but what you might not know is when this high level technology is teamed with the right Oncam accessories, they seamlessly transform into cutting edge panoramic cameras capable of capturing natural 180-degree panoramic images.  

Let’s take a look at the new C-08’s panoramic capabilities in more detail and how they can benefit your business.   

When wall mounted with Oncam’s range of Panoramic+ indoor and outdoor accessories, the C-08 uses the center of the fisheye sensor to generate a true dewarped 180-degree panoramic image. Our Panoramic+ technology was at the heart of the Evolution 180 and the C-08 is no different. Fisheye cameras can cover a 180-degree field of view, and give best results when wall mounted.  However, this can cause problems with orientation and distortion if the camera is not mounted at head height,  resulting in unnatural looking images. Our Panoramic+ solves the issues of standard fisheye cameras and offers a compelling solution for true 180-degree wall mount panoramas without suffering from stitching, misalignment, white balance or blind spots.  

So how does Panoramic+ accomplish this?  

Our Panoramic+ images are a true edge-to-edge dewarped view of the original fisheye image taken from the center of the scene with an extended vertical field of view and a super-wide aspect ratio of 5:2.  

Often, for security reasons and to avoid tampering, surveillance cameras need to be mounted at a height. To make sure that the camera is looking in the right area, it often needs to be tilted downwards, causing two types of panoramic distortion. The horizon appears curved, and vertical lines are not parallel. Oncam’s Angle Compensation Technology (ACT) solves these issues by aligning vertical lines and flattening the horizon, giving you a clear undistorted image. If the center of the camera is not pointing at what is most important in the scene then Scene Offset allows for the image to be digitally  adjusted to tilt the panorama and focus on what matters most, making sure nothing is missed. By utilizing Pamoramic+ technology the C-08 gives you a clear and undistorted image of your area of interest, helping to improve your surveillance and security capabilities, ensuring you and your business are safe and secure.  

So, whatever your use case, by offering great flexibility and versatility, in a discreet and compact package, the C-08 when teamed with the right accessories, can be transformed into a panoramic camera quickly and easily, adapting to your organizations changing needs seamlessly.  

To learn more about the 360 and 180-degree capabilities of our C-Series cameras and how they can benefit you visit Oncam C-Series - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions (