Corporate and Commercial Security | Oncam

Years ago, securing a business office or corporate campus may have only meant locking the building’s doors overnight to keep intruders out. But the times have certainly changed, and today’s evolving and increasingly significant risks facing these facilities have made it paramount for security personnel to prioritize protecting employees and assets with a comprehensive and innovative technology solution.

And for this solution to be as effective as possible, corporate and commercial facilities must place video at the center of their security strategy. The ability to monitor activity at all times, both within the building and in the surrounding outdoor areas or in spots where guards cannot always be present, is crucial for ensuring vulnerabilities are assessed and potential threats are addressed in a timely fashion.

But not just any surveillance camera can meet the specific needs of the corporate and commercial market. Facilities in this industry can take advantage of 180- and 360-degree wide-angle technology that allows them to experience a variety of benefits, beginning with one of the most important: intrusion prevention. Obtaining a complete view with no blind spots adds a proactive layer of security, enabling officials to simultaneously see the entire scene while also focusing on areas of interest.

This proactivity can be enhanced even further with the use of intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These elements create the opportunity for security operators to identify abnormal behavior or suspicious individuals, which ultimately improves response time by facilitating increased situational awareness and insight.

A 360-degree surveillance solution can also help corporate facilities reduce the element of human error, an advantage that Siidcul Business Park in India experienced. When one security operations center is responsible for monitoring multiple buildings and operations across a campus, relying on human resources can create challenges and unnoticed critical events. By leveraging 360-degree cameras, Siidcul Business Park was able to automate this process and receive automatic alerts as events took place.

Additionally, corporate and commercial facilities can use 180- and 360-degree technology for more than just security. Office collaboration can be improved, for example, through the ability to take a broad look at an office layout to determine if its a burden to efficiency by monitoring and analyzing employee traffic. And overall business operations can be strengthened through ensuring health and safety procedures are followed, reducing costs and increasing reliability.

Business offices and corporate campuses house a significant amount of precious assets; whether it be employees, staff, visitors, company data or property, these facilities cannot afford to be left unsecured and operations must be running smoothly at all times. Wide-angle surveillance technology — ideally integrated with additional components, such as a video management system, access control, analytics, etc. — can help establish a proactive and exhaustive approach to security.