How is the Cloud Affecting Video Surveillance | Oncam

A few years ago, most video surveillance storage predictions included the increasing use of the cloud, a far-off and slightly overwhelming concept at the time. Now, the cloud is part of most conversations, and cloud-based technology is transforming not only the security industry, but also most organizations.

The prevalence of the cloud has stemmed mostly from the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), a feasible interconnectivity of devices that enhances convenience and usability and creates a demand for updated sharing and storage options. Users can now run software and services through the Internet, instead of on a local device, such as a computer or phone.

When it comes to video surveillance, the cloud is revolutionizing the way video is stored and shared, and the advantages are numerous. As video cameras integrate with software platforms to store video directly in the cloud, users can benefit from lower on-site infrastructure requirements and significant savings in power and cooling costs.

Additionally, availability and accessibility are two key areas that are greatly improved through the use of the cloud. If there is a need to access data or video on mobile devices from remote locations, cloud-based systems are essential. Data storage in the cloud also streamlines system management, as updates are done automatically when needed, is a cost-effective operational expense and has the ability to scale up or down based on evolving needs.

Of course, the actual “security” of the cloud should always be kept in mind as its use continues to grow. Certain best practices must be followed to ensure the ultimate protection: changing default usernames and passwords (which is perhaps the biggest threat for remotely-accessible systems); opening as few network ports as possible and managing the security on the open ports; and encrypting video and data in transit.

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Jumbi Edulbehram

Regional President, Americas