Keeping Cities Safe: Video Coverage is the Key Component | Oncam

As the security risks facing our society continue to grow across the world, one common target typically stands out as being inherently challenging to comprehensively secure: cities. Being that they are made up of many different spaces — parks, office buildings, streets — and numerous stakeholders, such as public, private and government entities, cities present a complicated environment that requires innovative security strategies.

Though each individual component of a city possesses unique characteristics, the key to enhancing safety for citizens and assets starts with building an infrastructure that enables law enforcement to be able to easily view video from a large number of sources.

This can be accomplished through the use of wide-angle panoramic surveillance technology coupled with powerful, advanced analytics and video management to create a comprehensive solution. Video cameras that leverage 180- and 360-degree technology and innovative dewarping in both live and retrospective video feeds can allow cities to:


  • Minimize risk. With threats such as vandalism, theft, violent crimes and terrorism plaguing cities today, panoramic surveillance cameras can be used to both deter and detect events in all areas, as well as enable security officials to view what took place afterward and track or locate a suspect.
  • Cover more ground. Between groups of people, clusters of traffic and tightly spaced buildings, any type of surveillance system in a city is naturally put to the test when it comes to obtaining extensive coverage. Unlike PTZ cameras, which only capture parts of a scene, panoramic cameras can pick up activity across expansive areas without blind spots.
  • Improve response. When a security incident presents serious risk and danger to those nearby, officials must be able to quickly access the entire situation. Panoramic technology enables personnel to make fast but informed decisions by allowing them to simultaneously see the entire scene while also focusing in on areas of interest. And when artificial intelligence and machine learning are incorporated, this reaction can be come proactive, as this technology creates the opportunity to identify abnormal behavior or suspicious individuals.
  • Develop partnerships. As mentioned above, the assorted agencies that play a role in municipality security and overall success must be able to work together. Video footage from panoramic surveillance cameras can be combined with additional data points in a single interface, creating the basis for a strong and cohesive relationship between all involved.


When it comes down to it, open public spaces are very prone to all types of criminal activity. Citizens and tourists need to feel protected in a manner that does not impact their day-to-day life or tasks. This responsibility falls on city security officials that can leverage panoramic surveillance to keep a watchful eye with advanced situational awareness.