Let's Accessorize! The Key to New Levels of Functionality | Oncam

The Key to New Levels of Functionality, by Dilen Thakrar, Director of Product.

In the fashion world, accessorizing is a way to spice up the old by incorporating new pieces into a look. Accessories are pieces that, although they can serve practical functions, are chosen to complement the rest of an outfit and serve as the finishing touches. How does this relate to the world of video surveillance? Accessories have a far more fundamental role to play in this space,  they are essential in ensuring that the customers’ needs are met. 

Earlier this year, we announced Multi-Mode. This firmware update transforms the already powerful and compact C-Series 360-degree cameras into some of the most advanced and flexible cameras of their kind on the market. With it, users can access five different views (Fisheye, Panoramic+, Corridor+, T-Corridor+ and VCam) and stream up to four simultaneously.  

Multi-Mode changed the game: it updated the camera’s functionality and now this one camera solution can be tailored to many different customer use cases. Whether an operator requires a 360-degree camera, a panoramic camera, or both, the C-Series is the answer.

Panoramic+, is one of the most important views available with Multi-Mode, encapsulating Oncam’s panoramic imaging expertise to deliver breath-taking 180-degree wall mount panoramas without stitching, alignment, or light balance problems. Panoramic+ images from the C-Series are a true edge-to-edge dewarped view of the original fisheye image taken from the center of the scene with an extended vertical field of view and a super-wide aspect ratio of 5:2. Users can select and easily set up their Panoramic+ view directly from the Camera Web Interface, using the intuitive controls to position the dewarped view to cover all areas of interest.

And now, we’re upping the game once again.

Often, for security reasons and to avoid tampering, surveillance cameras need to be mounted at a height. To make sure that the camera is looking in the right area, it needs to be tilted downwards, with that in mind Panoramic+ mounting and adaptor solutions for C-Series Indoor and Outdoor Plus are now available to simplify and enhance Oncam camera deployments and help ensure the correct tilting of the camera at the desired angle.
The Indoor Panoramic+ Tilt Mount is a discreet wall mount that allows the cameras to be tilted between 20 and 45 degrees. The Outdoor Panoramic+ Tilt Bracket is a pendant mount bracket that allows the cameras to be titled at any angle between 0 and 90 degrees. An Outdoor Panoramic+ Rain Guard is also available to provide extra protection against the weather.

However, tilting the camera can cause two types of panoramic distortion, firstly the horizon may appear curved, and vertical lines not parallel, and secondly, often the center of the camera is will no longer be pointing at what is most important in the scene.

To address this, critical tools like Angle Compensation Technology (ACT) and Scene Offset that are easily controllable in the C-Series Camera Web Interface allow the image to be optimized by straightening curved lines or adjusting the scene orientation to provide a more realistic representation of the environment.

As you can see, we’re not just leading the way in 360-degree video. We’re redefining it. Providing our partners and customers with the flexibility they need to achieve their ever-evolving operational and security requirements is a goal we strive to meet.