Product Spotlight: Evolution 05 Mini Cameras | Oncam

For the second edition of our “Product Spotlight” blog series, we’re going small — but only when it comes to size, not innovation. In some cases in the security industry, small is better: there are many vertical markets and applications where a discreet (but aesthetically pleasing and powerful) device is necessary. Oncam’s Evolution 05 Mini cameras are the ideal solution for a miniature tool that packs a punch.


First and foremost, let’s be clear: size does not impact quality. The Evolution 05 Mini cameras provide the same intelligent and high-performance technology you’ve come to expect from Oncam. The cameras’ 5 megapixel CMOS sensor offers detailed and crisp 360-degree images, while a video stream of up to 30fps can be obtained with smooth movements.


The Evolution 05 Mini cameras come in two main form factors:



With a diameter of only 108mm and a very slim profile, the Evolution 05 Mini Indoor camera is designed for quick and easy installations anywhere a professional, lightweight enclosure is required. The camera features a range of mounting accessories, including an IK10+ vandal-proof cover and pendant mount adapter. Available in black or white, the Mini Indoor camera is beneficial for Banking, Hospitality, Retail and Safe City environments.



The Evolution 05 Mini Outdoor measures 118mm wide and stands ready for any challenges the outdoors may present. The camera possesses multiple certifications, including transport, water ingress and shock resistance, making it durable against harsh conditions. Accessories include a sunshield that can be painted in any color for optimal blending into its environment and a multiple-entry conduit back-box for a seamless installation.


But that’s not all! The same reliable technology is also available in three additional options:


Indoor Night

Don’t be afraid of the dark! The Evolution 05 Mini Indoor Night camera has been fitted with a unique optical filter that is IR sensitive to both visible and near infrared light. The camera is therefore specifically suited for dark or low-light environments, such as storerooms, corners, banks, dorms, 24-hour retail stores, logistics or utilities centers.


Indoor Panel-Mount

The Evolution 05 Mini Indoor Panel-Mount is your transportation companion. Designed for narrow spaces, the Mini Panel-Mount camera has achieved the EN50155/EN45545 transport certification, which protects against shock and vibration in moving vehicles, and comes with either an RJ45 or M12 power plug.


Indoor Recessed

If you’re looking for a device that will blend in anywhere, the Evolution 05 Mini Indoor Recessed camera is your answer. The camera was developed for recessed mounting in drop ceilings, meaning the installation can be completed from below the ceiling line. It presents an ultra-low profile and its casing can be painted to match its surroundings.


Oncam’s Evolution 05 Mini cameras are small in size but big in functionality. From stores to financial institutions and busses to hotels, these devices can provide you the protection needed to keep people and property safe in an inconspicuous yet attractive fashion.