Protecting Industry: Keeping Facilities, Goods and Employees Safe | Oncam

The effective production and transportation of goods and services is critical to the survival of our economy, making facilities in this industry extremely valuable and yet rather vulnerable targets for crime and vandalism. With many moving parts and challenges to consider, these establishments must turn to advanced security solutions that enhance safety, compliance and business operations.


One of the biggest challenges for companies that operate industrial facilities — factories, manufacturers, warehouses, loading bays, etc. — is the fact that activity isn’t confined to one location: the supply chain is extensive and complex. As goods are transferred between facilities, each individual location creates an additional area of exposure and risk.


A key requirement is tracking products and processes throughout the entire supply chain, requiring extensive video coverage. To achieve high levels of coverage as well as situational awareness of large areas, these organizations would be well served by using 360-degree video technology. Deploying high resolution, wide-angle surveillance cameras in the facilities, vehicles, handling spaces, docks and entrances and exits can ensure extensive coverage for live monitoring and the ability to review footage in the event of an incident.


These surveillance tools can also come in handy for business operations, as a bustling supply chain and expansive facilities could result in inventory shrinkage. Review of video can reveal sources of shrinkage and ensure proper handling and control of goods across the facility.


Another major concern is compliance with the appropriate health and safety procedures at all times. With the number of people and assets moving around in a variety of directions on foot and in vehicles of different types, it can be difficult to guarantee comprehensive compliance.


The advanced level of situational awareness provided by wide-angle surveillance enables management to pinpoint particular instances where policies are breached and determine areas that can be improved. Additionally, when it comes to liability, recorded video allows easy verification of the cause of an incident, such as an employee injury or claim against the company.


And just the presence of security cameras in these facilities encourages employee compliance. IBS-Mapei, a leading manufacturer of adhesives and chemical products for the construction industry, references 360-degree surveillance as a powerful reminder that concrete evidence exists to prove any misbehavior.


Whether it’s to defend against organized crime, discover vulnerabilities in the supply chain, provide evidence of incidents or ensure compliance, 360-degree surveillance delivers a robust, highly reliable and cost-effective monitoring and safety tool.