Protecting Outdoor Spaces - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

Take a moment to envision a typical day in a park. There is a vast open grassy area with people throwing frisbees for pets, reading books and having picnics. Nearby, children are playing on jungle gyms and joggers are weaving through trails. To most people this is a serene and relaxing setting, but to security officials, these open spaces pose a problematic surveillance situation that has potential to quickly turn into a stressful disaster if threats were to arise.

Security teams are faced with unique challenges when it comes to the surveillance of ballparks, running trails and other outdoor spaces. Low lighting, limited visibility and expansive areas make it difficult to quickly and accurately identify dangerous situations. When a threat occurs, it is essential to properly monitor and address situations it in a timely manner. Traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are only able to cover limited areas, as they only record the video of the scene to which they are pointed. Luckily, 360-degree technology, such as Oncam’s panoramic cameras, can pick up what PTZs lack in coverage, providing a means to capture a fuller picture and total situational awareness.

By providing maximum coverage with a panoramic view, there is a reduction in the number of cameras required. Larger area coverage with fewer cameras and remote monitoring enables cost efficiency and a heightened understanding of situations and incidents. Consequently this leads to quicker response times, and the addition of retrospective tracking enables a proactive approach to identifying and minimizing threats.

“We wanted to decrease crime in the parks and make people feel secure – so we chose to install a 360-degree surveillance system,” said Canan Atasoy, Kağıthane Municipality, in Turkey. “It’s good for people in the area to know their children are safe in the parks. We are now able to monitor everything that’s going on from the control room we built in the municipality building – essentially enabling us to anticipate and interrogate events before they have the chance to happen, and provide the appropriate level of response. There’s really no hiding from 360-degree cameras.”

The world can be a scary place. Oncam has dedicated its innovative designs to providing security products with increased monitoring capabilities and strategic components to enhance surveillance. These crucial technological advancements make a world of difference when it comes to outdoor spaces. Enjoying a day with your family shouldn’t be riddled with concerns for your safety, and now it doesn’t have to be. Oncam takes security through total situational awareness seriously, and businesses and personnel are seeing the difference.