Six Ways to Transform Your Campus Safety and Security Plan - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

Educational facilities are unique in the security market. While the goal of keeping students, teachers and staff safe is paramount, dwindling budgets, aging infrastructure and increasing threats can be a challenge for school officials.

Cutting-edge technology, such as 360-degree surveillance camera technology and analytics software, is making it easier for officials to upgrade older systems and find new and innovative ways to use video data to benefit students. Here, we discuss six ways to help you transform your campus safety and security plan:

Situational Awareness

The best way to get a clear grasp on trends, events and incidents is to capture the whole story. Knowledge is power, and 360-degree camera technology allows security and law enforcement to capture essential information in an accurate and timely manner.

Better Analytics

Having all the information is the first step, but using it to create actionable intelligence is key. Analytics capabilities allow officials the ability to better evaluate traffic flow and people’s behavior patterns, as well as gauge learning levels when used inside the classroom.

Less Camera – More Coverage

360-degree cameras are able to capture a wider, more expansive view, replacing anywhere from four to five traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. As a result, a significant cost reduction occurs with fewer cameras needed and less maintenance to systems.

Retroactive Investigation

The ability to capture and store data, and transform it cohesively across platforms, aids in the research and analysis phase of addressing incidents. Being able to look back helps to resolve issues as well as proactively prepare for future threats.

Eliminate Blind Spots

The name says it all. With a 360-degree view, there is little that can be concealed. Security is now able to more accurately monitor all areas in real time, and whatever they might miss can be easily investigated further.

A Better View

With higher resolution and state-of-the-art dewarping technologies, the view just got a whole lot better. Traditional cameras can leave much to be desired in the way of clear pictures and accurate depictions. 360-degree technology takes any guessing out of the game.

The evolution of crime and threats has been met by the evolution of available technology to combat them. Today we see schools and campuses facing risks such as burglary, assault, shooters and natural disasters. Comprehensive technology with 360-degree cameras and views can make a significant difference when it comes to protecting assets and students.