The Holidays, Retailers and Retail Supply Chains: Seeing Behind the Scenes in 360 degrees - Oncam: Experts in 360-degree and 180-degree Video Technology Solutions

As the holiday season ramps up in the coming weeks, loss prevention managers need measures that extend far beyond the retail floor. They must deal with losses stemming from organized retail crime, employee theft and shoplifting, and as a result, more and more security solutions are incorporated into back storerooms, loading docks and employee areas. Retail supply chains are also being monitored more closely this holidays season, as online orders are dispatched from retailer warehouses to people’s homes.

Organized retail crime costs retailers approximately $30 billion each year according to Stores Magazine. A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that losses from employee theft cost American retailers $16 billion a year. Given the size of these losses, loss prevention managers must find ways to maximize investment in video surveillance solutions, including the use of 360-degree camera technology combined with video analytics software.

Several use cases exist for the use of this technology in retail, including luxury jeweler Mouawad in Malaysia, which uses the technology to cover all parts of the retail location. Using Evolution 05 concealed 360-degree concealed camera coupled with an on-site NVR from QNAP, situational awareness for the world-renowned jeweler was vastly improved and allows the owner to effortlessly access the surveillance system remotely. Access to video on any mobile device offers significant ease of use. The ability to pan, tilt and zoom in both live and previously recorded footage is helpful in the event of an incident.

Another example is an international logistics company that recently replaced its current video monitoring system, a suite of analog pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, with Oncam Evolution 05 Mini 360-degree cameras. These cameras give optimum coverage of the loading bays. Mounted between the racking, where goods are stored and picked, and the delivery doors, the company can use fewer cameras with greater coverage, resulting in complete visibility of the entire loading area. The manager can track an employee from the racks to the wrapping machines to the loading bays. High-definition images show whether an employee picked the right goods, wrapped them correctly and applied a barcode label.

Panoramic surveillance has emerged as an innovative way to provide retailers with full situational awareness. Going further, retailers are also integrating video data with other systems, such as point-of-sale, access control and video platforms to maximize coverage and provide managers with valuable information about their stores. Find out more about retail solutions and how loss prevention professionals can benefit from an integrated approach using 360-degree technology.