Unique Use Cases for Wide-Angle Surveillance Technology | Oncam

It’s safe to say that surveillance cameras are in high demand for security in today’s day and age, becoming more of a necessity for organizations to ensure the protection of their people and assets. This demand is being felt in industries around the world, and while you’ll typically see cameras in large common areas such as those found in schools and retailers, there are also a number of unique applications that require the same level of security.

Leveraging 180- and 360-degree surveillance technology is beneficial in and of itself, but there are certain environments that possess special requirements when it comes to the atmosphere and specific needs. In many of these areas, video technology is regulated by specific guidelines and standards that are put in place by certain governmental bodies, requiring manufacturers to obtain stringent certifications for surveillance cameras.

The true value of wide-angle surveillance technology that possess these certifications comes to light when it’s able to be customized and can adapt for applications that you wouldn’t normally think of, such as:

Waste Management

The waste management industry may not come to mind often, but if you take a second to think about how this market operates, you can see the need for intelligent surveillance technology. More specifically, rugged and resilient surveillance cameras can be used to monitor operations, ensure safe work environments, protect property, mitigate threats and enforce compliance regulations.

Additionally, these devices can help monitor radioactive waste disposal facilities to make sure that all standards and guidelines are being followed in line with safety protocols. A certified camera designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres is beneficial in this type of environment to protect against hazardous conditions.

Industrial Environments

The aforementioned resilient surveillance cameras, such as those housed in a stainless steel enclosure, are ideal for industrial and chemical plants where security operators must be able to oversee activity at all times. This type of camera can not only provide full coverage of an entire scene without blind spots, but it can also withstand harsh environments and shield the valuable technology from any type of liquid or solid particles that could cause damage to the device.

Call Centers

Call center employees typically come into contact with sensitive data, making them prime targets for threats and breaches, as well as physical risks such as theft and vandalism. These organizations are often broad, spacious buildings and tend to be open 24 hours, making comprehensive surveillance a challenge. Wide-angle cameras can enable these facilities to monitor both indoor and vulnerable outdoor areas, such as parking lots, allowing operators to easily identify potential threats and respond quickly.

Panoramic Imagery

Stepping away from the devices and taking a look at the technology itself, 180-degree surveillance is ideal for a niche market that requires a wall-mount application with a dewarped panoramic view of a scene from a single-sensor camera. In markets such as casinos, hospitality, retail, transportation and banking, users demand the best possible imagery of only the necessary areas, which might be a long hallway or corridor. With 180-degree technology, security personnel can proactively identify risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety of people and property.

Whether it’s a frequently populated organization or a smaller, unique facility, safeguarding people and assets is paramount for all types of environments. Though these applications vary in numerous fashions, they all have one thing in common: the need for reliable and robust surveillance technology. Wide-angle and 360-degree surveillance cameras can empower security operators to obtain the insight and intelligence needed to recognize and mitigate risk in the most challenging and demanding entities.