What’s The Future of 360-degree Cameras and Wide-Angle Video Technology? | Oncam

Dilen-Edited-1-Nov-11-2021-02-04-13-90-PMWritten by Dilen Thakrar, Product Manager at Oncam

Now that we’ve told you about the importance of leveraging a fisheye camera within your surveillance ecosystem and what to look for when buying these devices as well as the importance of a seamless integration with a VMS platform, it’s time to shift gears and take a look toward the future.

The video surveillance market is led by continuous advancements in technology and innovation, which means that we’re always working toward new solutions that can help our customers achieve their goals. That’s the bottom line here at Oncam: Everything we do must make a difference. This motto translates into product development as we strive to incorporate the latest technologies and features that will make an organization’s security efforts more effective.

We can expect to see the next generation of 360-degree cameras include several enhancements when it comes to key technology, including:

  • Improved image quality
  • High-speed and guaranteed frame rate
  • The latest generation of HDR technology
  • Advanced compression technology
  • Low-light technology
  • Strengthened cybersecurity

You can find out more about each of these individual aspects and their benefits here, but the big picture indicates that the future is bright for 360-degree video. Technology is only getting smarter and more advanced, and when combined, these elements provide users with more intelligent situational awareness than ever before.

The future is not just about the technology itself, though: the newest 360-degree devices will also take factors like design simplicity and ease of installation into consideration. Paying close attention to these concepts as a manufacturer helps with the overall goal of making a difference and addressing unique customer needs by creating devices that are easily accessible and customizable.

It’s important to note that leveraging these components and moving forward in this industry cannot be done alone. First and foremost, a solid supply chain is necessary for ensuring the highest quality pieces are obtained and that a camera is made with performance in mind. On the other end, introducing a new product through strategic partnerships can pave the way forward in a crowded security market, as this kind of relationship can provide interoperability and enhanced support for the end user.

All of the above pieces fit into one big puzzle that is the next wave of 360-degree video technology, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of this movement. With the feedback of customers at the core, the upcoming Oncam devices are designed to empower users in a variety of markets to harness the power of video and optimize their security surveillance operations.

Interested in how 360-degree technology can enhance your business? Check out our marketing downloads where we provide more insight into the value of this technology and what the future holds.